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People say the nicest things… 


“It was clear, the moment that I started my conversation with Kevin and Carol that their knowledge base of cruise travel was far beyond the average traveler or even average travel agent. Hire them!”

Tana Newberry



“I can't wait for my Come Together Cruises trip to Alaska with Kevin and Carol. They're actually joining us! From day one, planning our trip was effortless and fun. Now it's smooth sailing."


Judy Lamb


“Working with Come Together Cruises' Kevin and Carol was a breeze. I am looking forward to my Mexican Riviera Cruise, especially since booking my perfect vacation only lasted an hour. They know what they're doing.”

Kenn Couples

CTC - Come Together Cruises

"Come Together, Right Now... On the Sea."
CTC is an exclusive cruise consulting and booking company offering a wide array of specialty cruise travel services that are customized to enhance and maximize your cruising pleasure and personal investment. If you are not using CTC for your cruise needs, you are missing out on incredible opportunities - guaranteed.

Kevin and Carol Lyons

Kevin and Carol Lyons are a husband and wife living in Vallejo, California. They are passionate travelers themselves and over the years have become extreme experts at all things Cruises.

They have been married 38 years and know how to work together to accomplish the most success for their clients. They value integrity and the art of maximizing enjoyment. 

Working with them is a rewarding and pleasurable experience that will help you get the absolute most out of your travel.

Kevin and Carol's home based agency is affiliated with Gold Rush Getaways.

Cruise Consultants Helping You Come Together with Cultures, Communities and Quality Time... On the Sea.

Exclusive Cruise Consulting and Booking


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